Sunday, 5 May 2013


Clarifications regarding papers CH 2.5 of B.Com.(Hons.)and CP 1.4 & CP 4.5 of B.Com.Courses
Minor changes in the Philosophy papers of B.A. (programme), and B.Com.(Hons.)
Clarification on the number of Periods for Physics and Chemistry papers in B.Sc. Life Science
Clarification regarding papers CP 3.4 (Elective Language)-Hindi and CP 4.5 MIL Advanced of B.Com. Course
Semester based syllabi of the various Postgraduate courses
Semester based syllabi of the various undergraduate courses
clarification regarding paper No. CH 2.5 of B.Com.(Hons)
Letter to the Principal/Head Deptt. Dt : 23/9/11 rgarding "Classification Concurrent Qualifying Language Paper for B.A. (Honours) Courses.
Guidelines with respect to Internal Assessment, Attendance Requirements and Promotion rules for under-graduate courses under the semester scheme.
Covering Letter sent to the Principals of colleges with semester based syllabi of the various Undergraduate courses
Letter Dt : 14/7/11 to colleges regarding semester Based Syllabi of under-graduate courses approved by Academic Council on 08/7/11
Amendments to Ordinances approved by Executive Council at its meetings held on 25th April,2011 and 9th July,2011.
Clarification regarding papers CH 2.5 of B.Com (Hons) and CP 1.4 & CP 4.5 of B.Com Courses